Session at Qatar Economic Forum Highlights Most Prominent Upcoming Investment Trends

Doha, May 16 (QNA) - A session entitled "Where to Invest in Technology Right Now," held within the 4th Qatar Economic Forum on its final day, discussed new investment channels that investors are focusing on, especially artificial intelligence and humanoid robots.

This trend comes as a growing number of private equity giants are considering new ways to exit their portfolio companies, from private initial public offerings to selling their shares to competitors, and looking for ways to return cash to investors.

Addressing the session, CEO and Managing Partner of EQT Partners Christian Sinding said that there is a current focus on making investments in industries that provide the infrastructure to support the growth of artificial intelligence, a technology that is believed to eventually have the same impact on the world as the introduction of Apple's iPhone.

He added that there is also interest in investing in the human robotics sector, as these robots are likely to be an essential part of office life in the future, and will deal with areas including security, reception, and cleaning.

Sinding said that some private equity firms are under pressure from their limited partners to consider these new options.

Investing in robotics and artificial intelligence has become one of the pivotal investment channels for decision-makers in global financial markets in the recent period. The industrial revolution driven by the development of robotics and artificial intelligence has changed the model in various economic sectors, and investment opportunities in this field have become increasingly attractive.

It is expected that robots and artificial intelligence will have a major impact on controlling the cost of investment and subsequent production, in addition to the assistance that these technologies will provide to traded investment funds, with the aim of diversifying investment portfolios within the sector without the need to choose stocks individually. (QNA)